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Mexican Cooking


3 hours


About the Course

Whether you are a newbie in the kitchen or simply a lover of all things food, vegan cooking classes can help you take your home-cooked meals to the next level.

For all the plant-based foodies out there looking for step-by-step directions on making delicious meat, dairy, and egg-free recipes, can join this course to help you hone your cooking skills. My mission is to give every student a unique and fun cooking experience to help them make informed choices about plant-based food and better understand what a healthy lifestyle is all about.

Discover healthy plant-based Mexican cooking with 3 hours of cooking demo class. In this class, you will learn to create fresh, colorful dishes from the classic guacamole to Chili con "Carne," salsa, homemade tortillas, and more. ⁣

Mexican food is vibrant, colorful, and has excellent depth of flavor. Using fresh herbs, vegetables, citrus, and chilies can be as spicy as you want or not at all - it's up to you. More than anything, though, Mexican food is unpretentious food perfect for sharing. ⁣Upon completing this course, you will understand flavor combinations and ingredients used in Mexican cooking with some delicious dishes to share together.⁣ After a couple of hours in the kitchen, you will learn classic dishes to prepare at home to create a delicious Mexican feast for family and friends.⁣

Take a journey through the bold and fresh flavors of Mexican cuisine.⁣


  • Homemade Tortilla

  • Fresh Salsa

  • Classic Guacamole

  • Sour cream

  • Chili con "Carne"

  • Sour cream

  • Gluten-Free Chili Brownies

  • Chocolate Glaze


*Learned new tips about cooking healthy vegan food

*Tested all the recipe

*Once all the different dishes are ready, the whole group will enjoy together a well cooked Mexican meal.

*The recipe booklet will be emailed after the class.


  • Group Classes 500MOP $/pax

  • One-on-One Classes 2800MOP $/ Class

  • Online Group Classes 60US $/ pax

  • Online One-on-One Classes 200US $/ pax

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