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  The essential elements that feed my heart and spirit are how much love I put into my food and how you feel when you eat it. I want to make you happy with my creations.

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My Story

Hi, my name is Andreea Apostol. I was born in Romania into a family of creatives - my mom is a fashion designer, my dad is an architect, and my grandma is a painter. Growing up, I was always very independent and authentic.

I became a chef in 2012 and began sharing my love for cooking with children. However, my perspective on food shifted in 2016 when I became more conscious about what I consume and how it impacts my body. As a result, I underwent training from one of the top Raw Vegan Chefs, Sayuri Tanaka, and became a skilled raw vegan chef. I also enrolled in several other courses and online vegan courses from world-renowned chefs like Matthew Kenney and Amy Levi.


I am a freelance chef specializing in raw and plant-based cuisine. I have curated menus, cooked meals for various Macau wellness events, and even organized plant-based retreats. Through my teachings, I have had the pleasure of instructing over 1000 students from ages 10 to 60 on the art of cooking and consuming healthy plant-based meals.


I have had the privilege of being invited as a guest speaker to several esteemed local  and international events and conducting masterclasses at the Culinary Academy. During my time in Macau, I had the pleasure of preparing nutritious plant-based meals for Franco Dragone's artists, athletes, and staff while they were performing.


My determination and passion led me to be nominated and win the Great Taste Award 2018 (Anti-Additive Great Taste Award)

Work Experience

Raw Vida- A Raw food and fitness retreat
Nov 2017

Co-organizer/Head Chef/ Culinary Trainer

Energy Brunch with RawVida
Jan 2018

Co-organizer/Head Chef

RAW VIDA x Fitness & Raw Food Wellness Weekend
Jan 2018

Co-organizer/Head Chef/ Culinary Trainer

Blow Your Mind - A Plastic Ocean- Movie Night & Raw Vegan Dinner
Feb 2018

Co-organizer/Head Chef

Macau Women's Day-Fundraising Event
March 2018

Head Chef

Energy Brunch with RawVida
Jan 2018

Culinary Trainer

Mana Vida - Sweat for Others
April 2018 Venue

Culinary Trainer

Global Wellness day Macao.
June 2018 / 2019/ 2021

Workshop Guest

Rawlicious DETOX
March 2019

Main Organizer/ Head Chef/ Culinary Trainer

2nd Macau Sport & Healthy Life Expo
Nov 2020

Workshop Guest

RECONNECT at Macau's 1st Wanderlust Staycation
April 2021

Co-organizer/ Menu Designer/ Speaker

Sunday Vibes
May 2021

Co-organizer/ Menu Designer/ Speaker

Masterclass Kombucha at Macau Wynn Academy
Aug. 2021/ July 2023

Masterclass Culinary Trainer

Sustainable Gastronomy Masterclass Series 2023
July 2023

Guest Speaker

Masterclass Kombucha at Sustainable Gastronomy Masterclass Series 2023
July 2023

Masterclass Culinary Trainer

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RECONNECT at Macau's 1st Wanderlust Staycation.jpg
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Sustainable Gastronomy Masterclass Series 2023..jpg



The House of Dancing Water- Franco Dragone
Jan 2019-Jan 202

Serving Plant-Based Menu once a week

Association of Rehabilitation of Drug Abuses of Macau
Jul 2020

Culinary Training

The International School of Macau
Sep. 2021-Apr. 2023

Serving Plant-Base Menu once a week

The International School of Macau- Students Experience week
2021/2022/2023/ 2024

Culinary Trainer

The International School of Macau- ECA
April 2023- Present

Culinary Trainer


The Anti-Additive Association

2018 Great Taste Award

Raw Vegan Carrot Cake



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