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Welcome to our
Plant-Based Healthy Kitchen

Here we meet, chat, create, cook, and eat plant-based healthy food.
Food is so powerful; food can change lives and give you everything you need for a healthy, happy life. Food can provide you with energy, give you a strong body, can give you colors, harmony, good vibes, bring family and friends together, and allow you to be creative. The most important thing, food can provide you with happiness and love.

I created this blog not only to share my knowledge and my recipes or to invite you to my events and workshops but to introduce you to my son, Filip, and his passion for cooking.

Andreea Apostol

Hi! I am Andreea, from Romania, and in 2007, I moved to Macau, China, following the love of my life and now my dear husband. I am a chef but starting in 2016, I became more interested in vegetables,  seeds, nuts, and healthy food. All these changed me into a Raw and Plant-Based Chef. I am a lucky mom of one blondie son, passionate about cooking and happy eating veggies. I love all the fruits around the world, and I eat everything with a green salad. I can't live without my SCOBY in the kitchen, and I am addicted to chocolate and chili. I love the Moon and Crystals, and I believe in their power. I love traveling, dancing, singing, running, paddling, and spending time in the kitchen with my family.

Filip Apostol

Hi! I am Filip, from Romania, but I live in Macau, China, with my family. I am in Grade 6 at The International School of Macau and practice swimming and tennis, but I also love football and am passionate about food and cooking. My favorite tennis player is Novak Djokovic, and I admire Micheal Phelps for his swimming performance.
I have a veggie-lover mom and a meat-lover dad, so I learned from them to eat very balanced meals. I love to prepare my breakfast, and I spend many hours with my parents in the kitchen, helping them and cooking together. I love eating veggies, so I can't name my favorite one. I love lettuce, tomato, cucumber, and avocado, but I don't like mushrooms. I enjoy making and drinking kombucha. I can eat spicy kimchi, and I can not live without ice cream.
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